Radon Testing & Mitigation in Perry, Iowa

Radon levels in Iowa homes and businesses are among the highest in the country. The reason for this is that Iowa soil is made up of uranium. As the uranium decays, it forms radon gas. Because it is a gas, it moves upward out of the soil and into the air. This gas can enter your home or business through cracks in walls and foundations, loose-fitting pipes, sump pumps, exposed dirt floors, slab joints, or porous block walls. It is recommended that all Iowa homes be tested for radon. This radioactive gas is difficult to detect because it is odorless, colorless and cannot be tasted.

Only individual home or business testing can determine if you have high levels of radon. The health concerns of prolonged exposure to high levels of radon gas is that it is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking. Ameriserv Radon Mitigation of Iowa has the experience and expertise to get your home or business radon levels checked and recommend the mitigation solution for removing the radon from your home or business to the outside atmosphere.

Radon Mitigation in Perry, Iowa

If your home or business has a radon level of anything above 4 pCi/L, it is is considered an  elevated level. It is recommended that you have radon mitigation if the radon level if above 4 pCi/L. pCi/L actually means picocuries per liter.  Even if you have a lower number, it is still considered to be not safe as even small amounts of radon over time can cause health problems. It is recommended to have multiple tests done to monitor the radon levels in your home or business.

Ameriserv Radon Mitigation of Iowa is the company to trust to test your radon levels and recommend the best solution for your radon mitigation in your Perry, Iowa home or business. Radon mitigation removes radon from your Perry, Iowa home by drilling a hole in your foundation or slab, which creates a suction point. Then a PVC pipe is connected through the hole and is used as a vent for the radon gas. A fan is then connected to the system to direct the radon gas to flow in the direction needed to get the radon gas to the outside. After a system is installed, we will retest it to make sure it is keeping this dangerous gas out of your home.

When you choose Ameriserv, you are choosing technicians that are professionally trained by the State of Iowa and certified by the Iowa Department of Public Health. Our professionals are licensed and certified and will explain the process of removing radon from your home or business. We have the equipment and expertise to make sure radon is removed and will retest to assure you that the process is working the way it should. Ameriserv has a 200% satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year warranty on our mitigation systems that we install. Don’t let radon become a problem for you or your family. Call the experts at Ameriserv today and schedule an appointment. We want to keep you safe from this dangerous, invisible gas.