School Radon Mitigation Iowa

School Radon Mitigation IowaRadon in schools is certainly a topic of concern for all. At AmeriServ, we can be your school radon mitigation Iowa service provider. A nationwide survey of levels of radon in schools estimates that nearly one in five of every school in the US has at least one frequently occupied room with short-term radon levels that are higher than the EPA recommended mitigation levels. Iowa schools and home stand at a higher risk than most because of the high levels of radon in the Iowa soils. Typically a school building will have higher levels in some rooms than others, meaning the testing is not the same throughout the building. It is necessary to test all frequently occupied classrooms that have contact with the ground in order to identify where the elevated levels are occurring. The school radon mitigation Iowa service team is at your service to protect schools and remedy any potential radon problems. AmeriServ is your Iowa radon mitigation team.

School District Radon Testing Iowa

Of course parents and families worry about potential dangers and risks while their children are at school. Worrying about the actual air they are breathing can be unsettling because we all know it is very difficult to protect people from something that has no smell, color or taste. The EPA has classified all 99 counties in Iowa as a “Zone 1” meaning they have the highest potential for indoor radon concentrations above 4 picocuries per liter.  The EPA does maintain, however, that “there is no known SAFE level of radon.” There is no doubt that radon is a problem in Iowa because it’s in the air.  That air surrounds Iowans on a daily basis. Iowa’s child care facilities are required to test for radon every other year but there is no requirement yet for K-12 schools regarding radon screening or mitigation.

For any questions or concerns about school radon mitigation in Iowa schools or Iowa school districts, please give AmeriServ Radon a call today. We are your radon mitigation Iowa team!





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