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Radon Testing & Mitigation in Ankeny, Iowa

Keeping your home, schools, and offices safe from radon is one of the best preventative measures for your health, as nearly 70% of our homes in Iowa are testing above the recommended guideline of 4.0 pCi/L. In fact, radon is a leading cause of lung cancer, similar to smoking cigarettes. AmeriServ’s professional radon contractors can reduce the radon in your home or office and put your mind at ease with our radon testing and mitigation services in Ankeny, Iowa.

Radon Testing in Ankeny, Iowa

radon testing crawford county iaYou won’t be able to detect radon in your home without the proper equipment. It’s odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Though it’s invisible, it is still extremely dangerous. The only way to know if your home is in danger because of radon is to have it tested. AmeriServ Radon Mitigation of Iowa can test your home to see if there is a threat of radon. We are certified throughout Iowa and we do a great deal of work in the Ankeny area.

With either a short-term or long-term radon test, we can determine if the levels in your home are safe. Both tests are equally as accurate, but the long-term test simply gives more of a yearly average radon level, not just a level reflecting the current state of your home. Don’t worry, we’ll help you determine which test is best for you. Have the peace of mind of knowing your radon levels are safe, and if they aren’t, we can help you with that, too.

Radon Mitigation in Ankeny, Iowa

If your radon test results show a radon level above the 4.0 EPA recommended intervention level, we will provide radon mitigation that is designed specifically for you.  AmeriServ will make sure that any system we install is designed to fit the needs of your home or office. Our system will reduce and monitor your radon levels, providing safety and peace of mind.

Our technicians are extensively trained on how to properly install a mitigation system that pulls radon from the inside of the building and expels it outside. We are licensed throughout Iowa and takes pride in the ability to provide services to the Ankeny community that comply with standards set by the state. We guarantee best practices in this field.

If you live in the Ankeny area, contact us today to learn more about our radon testing and mitigation services!