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As your leading radon contractor in Iowa, AmeriServ will take care of radon testing, radon mitigation, and most importantly, protecting your health and safety.

AmeriServ’s professional radon technicians will start by performing tests to determine the radon levels in your space, which will ultimately tell you whether or not you need to invest in radon mitigation. Our technicians will take the time to explain the test results and the process of correcting the problem. While temporary fixes may seem easier or more cost effective at first, simply filling in cracks in the foundation or basement walls is never a safe solution – a licensed and certified contractor must perform radon mitigation to ensure the radon levels meet the recommended standards. Here at AmeriServ, our experts are ready to address the many complex aspects of stopping radon from entering your home, school, or business.

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Leading Radon Contractor in Iowa

Choosing a qualified radon contractor is important for keeping your home and family safe. AmeriServ Radon Testing and Mitigation of Iowa offers the following qualifications:

When you choose AmeriServ, you can rest assured that we will reduce the radon levels below the EPA 4.0 recommendation. Buyers and sellers in real estate transactions, homeowners, builders, construction companies, and day care centers can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that buildings will not expose residents to the threat of cancer caused by radon.

If you have any questions please call our professional radon contractors today to schedule your very own radon testing. Have a professional test administered in your commercial building, school, or home for radon if you have any worries or think you may have been exposed to radon gas.