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Radon Testing & Mitigation Referral Program

Get Paid to Refer Your Friends

When we love something, we love to tell our friends about it too so they can experience how great it is.  We’re confident that when AmeriServ Radon Mitigation serves $50 Visa Gift Cardyou, the first thing you will want to do is tell your friends how great it was!

Now you’ll have even more incentive to tell your friends about us. With AmeriServ’s Referral Program, you won’t be able to resist sharing with your friends how fast and friendly our service is!

How Does It Work?

We won’t give you a discount off your next mitigation services (because hopefully you never have radon problems again.) We won’t give you coupons to stores that you’ll never visit. We won’t give you a free hat that you’ll probably never wear. We want to reward your referral with something you’ll actually use: money. When you refer a friend, we’ll give you a $50 Visa Card*. Now doesn’t that sound like something you can use?

Our referral program doesn’t only apply to friends. If you refer a family member, we’ll still reward you! Your chances are endless.

If you choose to participate, our $50 Visa Card will be paid upon completion and payment of the referred mitigation services. All you have to do is call our office with the names and numbers of those you would like to refer our services to.

Start Referring Today

On the off chance that the same person is referred by multiple parties, the $50 would be split among those parties. So hurry up! Call our office and make your referrals before somebody else does! We want to thank you by putting some extra cash in your pocket.

* $50.00 Visa Card will be paid upon completion and payment
of the mitigation referral. Please call our office with
names and phone numbers of those whom you wish to
refer our services to. If referral is named by more than one person, the referral will be split amongst parties. This referral program is not to be used as a paid realtor referral program.