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Radon Information

Looking to learn more about radon in your home and the risks associated with it? Click one of our radon information links below to find more about radon and the threats that it poses for you and your family. You can never be too informed. If you have more questions, give us a call today!

All of these organizations are great resources for the effects of radon not only on the body but on the environment. The American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute provide great information about radon, how it can be found in your home or business, and how it affects your body, causes cancer, and causes other harmful diseases. They also provide helpful resources to obtain medical care if you think you’ve been affected by radon.

The Iowa Department of Public Health can provide you with more information on radon and you can use their hotline to obtain low-cost radon testing kits. If you have any questions or concerns, they can also answer them there. The EPA provides radon information in several different languages and gives you in depth resources for families and individuals, home buyers and sellers, and builders and contractors so that you can make sure you’re staying safe at home and on the job. You can also obtain a low-cost radon test kit through this site.

Overall, these resources are great if you’re looking to get informed about the issues potentially facing your home and become proactive. Radon is nothing to joke about since it causes a number of deaths each year. Don’t be part of that statistic. Call us today if you’re ready to take care of your radon problem.