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Radon in Iowa

How to Test for and Mitigate Radon in Iowa

radon testing, radon mitigation, iowaThe state of Iowa has some of the highest levels of radon in the nation. This is according to Iowa Department of Public Health. During the Ice Age glaciers moved across Iowa leaving behind ground-up minerals. These minerals included uranium and radium. The rocks were broke up into many smaller pieces and left spaces between the particles. This weathering made it possible for the gas to move up through the soil to the upper layers. The radon gets trapped below your foundation until it can find its way into your home through cracks and holes in your basement’s foundation. Since you can not see, smell, or taste, radon, you will not know if you and your family are breathing it unless you get your home tested. Radon testing in Iowa is important because radon is a leading cause of lung cancer as stated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). AmeriServ Radon Mitigation of Iowa is the company that you can call to help you test the levels of radon in your home.

Radon Testing in Iowa

AmeriServ Radon Mitigation Iowa can do radon testing in Iowa of the air within your house. If you decide to do a short term test, you can choose from charcoal canisters, electret ion chambers, liquid scintillation detectors. These products pick up the radon particles and then are checked to get a numeric level. No radon is ever safe, but you want levels lower than 4pCi/L. If your levels are high, you should do a long term test for more accurate account of the levels of radon in your home. It usually lasts for 90 days or more, and we use electret detectors or alpha track detectors. You will get a better year round average of the levels of radon that could be effecting your home environment. The radon inspectors at AmeriServ Iowa Radon Mitigation will help you decide on the right test and products for your home testing. Radon testing in Iowa is the first step to creating a safe home for your family.

Radon Mitigation for Iowa Homes

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Radon mitigation is the process of removing radon gas from your home. Our team at AmeriServ can install a radon mitigation system. This system involves installing PVC piping that will help vent out the radon in Iowa homes. Along with the pipe system you will need a fan that will draw the radon out from under your house, through the pipes and then to the outside. Once outside it will break up in the air. A monitor is also recommended to make sure the system is properly operating. It is also a good idea to have your home retested every two years to make sure that what you have done is working for your home environment.

Radon in Iowa is a concern for homeowners. AmeriServ Radon Mitigation Iowa is the company to call for your radon mitigation. You want a company that guarantees their work and has a 5 year warranty on any systems that are installed. If you need radon testing in Iowa, give us a call and one of experienced inspectors will help you check your levels and make a plan to rid your house of radon.

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