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#1 Radon Testing & Mitigation Altoona, Iowa

Whether you’re buying a new home and want to be sure you’re safe or want to test your current home for radon, AmeriServ can provide your radon testing and mitigation in Altoona, IA. Nearly 70% of Iowa homes have over 4.0 EPA which is the recommended amount of radon in your home, so having your home tested is important to ensure your family is happy and healthy. Our team is able to give you several different radon testing options to determine if radon mitigation is necessary for your home:

  • DIY Radon Testing Kits
  • Short-Term Radon Tests
  • Long-Term Radon Tests

Choosing one or more of these methods can help give you the peace of mind that you need by checking for elevated radon levels in your home or business. We can guide you in choosing the best option for your home based on the age of the structure, overall condition, and location. If the results come back showing high levels of radon, your best option is to administer a follow-up test to see if the results are consistent and if so, invest in a radon mitigation system that we can provide.

We offer a 5-year warranty on all of our mitigation systems. With over 50 years of experience, our professional staff is well trained and can properly install a mitigation system in your home today. This system will take your inside radon-filled air and filter it to the outside, leaving your home air safer.

Radon Mitigation in Altoona, Iowa

Having a healthy home and business is essential since that is where we spend most of our time. If your home is affected by high levels of radon, inhaling all of that harmful air throughout the day is not a good thing. Radon exposure can last for years, wreaking havoc on your body and potentially causing cancer. That’s why if your property shows high levels of radon, a mitigation system will help to reduce these risks.

How Do Our Mitigation Systems Work?

Hazard LogoRadon mitigation systems from AmeriServ involve a pipe that suctions to an opening in the foundation to collect radon seeping up from the ground. The radon is then carried up the pipe by a fan until it exits the home.

Not only will we set up a mitigation system to manage your radon levels, but we will also monitor your radon levels in your home or business. AmeriServ Radon Mitigation Iowa guarantees that we will make your home or business safer and cleaner with our mitigation systems.

Testing for radon has never been easier with our up to date technology.  When you combine that with over 75 years of experience, you couldn’t be in better hands. Call today to schedule an appointment to have a mitigation system installed in your home or business.