Radon Testing & Mitigation in Winterset, IA

Radon testing and radon mitigation in Winterset IowaWinterset, Iowa is located in Madison county and has a population of 5,000. Winterset was settled in the 1850s and is located about 30 miles southwest of Des Moines.  There have been a few notable people that came out of this small, rural town. including, John Wayne, American actor and director. Starring in a total of 142 feature films, many of those being westerns.

Also notable, George Washington Carver, known for being the person to create peanut butter. Winterset is rich in history and culture. Here at AmeriServ we provide the Winterset area with all of their radon testing and radon mitigation needs. Give us a call today to get your home tested for radon. We are your radon testing in Winterset, IA experts.

Radon Mitigation in Winterset, IA

Radon is a colorless and odorless gas created by the natural decay of the elements radium and uranium. These elements are very prevalent in the soils of Iowa, meaning that it could be very possible that radon might have already infiltrated your home and you could have no idea.  Radon is the second leading cause to lung cancer, right behind cigarettes. Our studies have shown that 5 out of 7 homes have traces of radon gas in the air.  If your Winterset home has never been tested, or it has been many years since your last radon test, give AmeriServ a call. We are your radon mitigation in Winterset IA experts.

We have a multitude of of techniques and products to counter radon in any structure.  If you call us, our expert employees will come to your home or business and assess the levels of radon. We have inspected over 20,000 homes, businesses,  schools, and municipal buildings over our years of service.  We have two ways of eradicating radon. We can install air filters or mitigate the radon. Air filtration will not only remove radon from your home, it also removes any other possible toxins or allergens that enter your home. Mitigation is the process of pumping any radon gas away from your structure and releasing it a safe distance away, into the atmosphere. Here it will dissipate safely into the atmosphere.  For all of your radon needs in Winterset, call AmeriServ.  We are your Radon Mitigation Winterset, IA experts.