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Radon Testing & Mitigation in Ogden, Iowa

Radon testing in Ogden, IowaAre you looking for a company specializing in radon in Ogden, Iowa? You’re in luck! AmeriServ is proud to be your radon service provider in Ogden, Iowa! In a state where radon levels are dangerously high, we are here to keep you and your family safe from the dangers of radon gas. In fact, Iowa’s level of radon, 8.5 pCi/L is 7.2 pCi/L over the national average of only 1.3 pCi/L. The EPA declares 4.0 pCi/L the level of radon that requires action, so as you can see, Iowa’s rates are soaring. In fact, over 400 Iowans die every year because of exposure to radon. That’s why it’s crucial to get radon testing and mitigation services in Ogden, IA today!

If you don’t know the radon level in your home, don’t ignore it. Get your home tested as soon as you can. Because radon is a leading cause of lung cancer, it’s nothing to underestimate. Give AmeriServ a call today. We want to keep you safe by testing your home’s radon levels. If we find that those levels require action, we will help with our professional mitigation services. Make sure to call AmeriServ for all your radon testing in Ogden, IA and radon mitigation in Ogden, Iowa needs.

Radon Mitigation Specialist in Ogden, Iowa

When it comes to radon mitigation in Ogden, Iowa, you won’t find a better option. AmeriServ has everything you look for in a company. With over fifty years in the business, we have unbeatable experience. We take the job seriously, so we background check and fully insure all of our well trained specialists. You won’t find a company with better service; we’re fast, friendly, efficient, and professional. Because of all of this, we are confident in our company, so we have a 200% guarantee on all of the work we do. We want you to be more than happy with the work we do. When we’re done and leave from your home, you’ll feel safe knowing radon isn’t causing problems. Go ahead, contact us. You won’t regret it.