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Radon testing and radon mitigation in Knoxville Iowa

Radon levels in Iowa, including Knoxville, Iowa are the highest average of levels in the nation. Iowa falls into the EPA radon red zone which means that every county has an average indoor level higher than the 4 picoCuries per liter or pCi/L.  This due to the fact that radon is formed by the decaying process of uranium and radium, both of which are prevalent in the soil in Iowa. Radon is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that enters the home is several different ways:

  • Cracks in walls
  • Cracks in foundations
  • Loose-fitting pipes
  • Sump pumps
  • Exposed dirt floors
  • Slab joints
  • Porous block walls

Once radon enters a home or business, it becomes trapped and the levels will rise. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer second only to cigarette smoking. Testing the levels of radon in your property can be done either through short-term testing or long-term testing. Short term testing is done when the results need to be determined within a short amount of time such as a real estate transaction. This testing takes two to three days. Long-term testing gives a more accurate determination as to the year-round average of radon levels since levels can change from day-to-day and season-to-season. The long term testing usually takes 90 days or more. Need radon testing done? Or mitigation services? Contact AmeriServ Radon Mitigation of Iowa!

Radon Mitigation Specialist in Knoxville, Iowa

Our mitigation systems are installed by drilling a hole in your foundation or slab and connecting a PVC pipe through this hole creating a suction point. Then a fan is connected to this system to flow the radon out in the right direction. AmeriServ will test and retest to make sure that the radon levels in your home or business are going down to a safer level. The installation of these systems will be done in a day with little disruption at an affordable cost.

The professionals at AmeriServ are trained by the State of Iowa and certified by the Iowa Department of Public Health. We are licensed and certified professionals who will make sure that the radon levels in your home or business are at a safer level. Our mitigation systems have a 5-year warranty and we include a 200% guarantee on all the work that is performed. Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at AmeriServ Radon Mitigation of Iowa for all of your radon mitigation needs in Knoxville, Iowa.