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What You Need To Know About Radon & Real Estate Transactions In Iowa

What You Need To Know About Radon & Real Estate Transactions In Iowa

Buying a home is a large investment, and as a home buyer, you want to make sure that your purchase will provide a safe space for your family. You may have heard of radon but aren’t sure how high your risk is or even if you should have your future home tested for radon before buying it. Learn more about radon and real estate transactions below and contact the professionals at AmeriServ Radon with any questions or to schedule your radon test.

What Is Radon?

In short, radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is caused by the breakdown of uranium in rocks and soil. When the gas is released from the ground, it can seep into homes and have harmful side effects such as lung cancer.

Do Homes In Iowa Have Radon?

The EPA has designated that elevated levels of radon can be found in homes of all counties in Iowa. Unfortunately, radon does not discriminate when it comes to the types of homes it can get into and can be found in homes of all ages both with and without basements. The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) estimates that over half of homes have high levels of radon that require remediation to protect residents. 

How Do I Know If The House I Am Buying Has Radon?

At this time, Iowa law does not require radon testing for real estate transactions, which means that as a buyer, it is up to you to ask for a radon test before you purchase a home if the seller hasn’t already provided results. The IDPH, EPA, American Lung Association & Surgeon General all recommend radon testing before buying and selling a home. Luckily, radon testing is a routine procedure that licensed radon specialists are able to provide in a timely manner.

How Can High Radon Levels Be Fixed?

If your radon test shows high levels in a home that you anticipate buying, do not panic. As your licensed radon mitigation contractors, we can install a radon mitigation system that will ensure that the radon levels in your home will stay below the EPA’s recommendations. You can then move forward with purchasing your new home knowing that the air quality will be safe for your family. Contact us today to get started!