The Costs and Benefits of Radon Test in Iowa

Radon Testing Can Save you Something More Important than Money – It Can Save Your Life.

You may think that getting radon testing done in your Iowa home, business, church, or school will be expensive, but this is not necessarily true. We here at Ameriserv Radon Mitigation of Iowa offer long-term tests, short-term tests, and radon kits.

Long-term tests stay in your home for about 90 days. These tests are administered by our professionals. These tests give an accurate representation of what your home’s radon gas levels are year-round.

Radon testing costs and benefits in Iowa

Short-term tests stay in your home anywhere from 2 to 90 days (depending on the specific device). These tests are also administered by our professionals. These give a result that represents the levels during that time. Radon gas levels may fluctuate throughout the year, and from season to season.

If it is found that your home has higher radon gas levels than the allowable 4.0 pCi/L after taking a short-term test, it is likely that you will have to take another short-term test, or a long-term test, just to be sure.

The last type of testing is a radon kit. These are tests that are administered by you. They are the cheapest, and one of the quickest ways to test for radon gas levels in your home, business, church, or school. We here at Ameriserv Radon Mitigation of Iowa offer these radon kits for only $15.00!

Radon tests are the best way to know if your Iowa home, business, church, or school is falling victim to high radon gas levels. Radon gas is a dangerous gas that can not be seen, smelled, heard, or tasted. Because of this, the only way to tell if you are being affected by it is through regular testing.

Radon gas is dangerous because it can cause serious health problems such as lung cancer. In fact, on average about 400 Iowan deaths a year are caused by lung cancer due to high radon gas levels. So, getting a simple radon test could save your life. Paying a little money, and taking a little bit of your time could save your life, so do not wait!

The Side Effects of Radon

The entire state of Iowa is in “Zone 1” which basically means that all of Iowa is likely to have elevated levels of radon gas. In fact, about 5 out of 7 Iowa homes are likely to have high levels of radon gas. Because of this, radon testing in your Iowa homes, businesses, churches, and schools is even more important. Some ways to tell if you could be experiencing the side effects of radon gas include:

  • Persistent cough
  • Wheezing
  • Heavy breathing
  • Lung infections

These are also early signs of lung cancer, so if you experience these health problems, make sure to consult your doctor immediately, and get your home tested by us here at Ameriserv Radon Mitigation of Iowa. If we test your home and your results come back as high levels of radon gas, we offer a mitigation service to install mitigation systems.

To learn more about our radon testing or mitigation services, our service area, or to schedule a radon test, give Ameriserv Radon Mitigation of Iowa a call! We want to help you feel safe and healthy in your Iowa home. Contact us today!