Radon Testing – Why is it so Important?

Radon Testing Iowa

Radon is a silent intruder. It is colorless and odorless and this makes a dangerous combination. Since you can’t see it or smell it, then it is impossible to know whether or not it has infiltrated your home.  Radon is created from the natural process of decaying radium and uranium.   The soil of Iowa is rich with these elements, meaning if you are an Iowa homeowner you could be at risk.  Call AmeriServ today for your test.  We have tested many homes and businesses over our years of service.  We pride ourselves on keeping families safe from disease and providing them with peace of mind.

On average, 400 Iowans die a year as a result of naturally produced gas.  This is a scary statistic.  Radon can enter a home through cracks, sump pumps, pipes, or holes. If you are afraid that your home may have dangerous radon levels.  Do not worry! AmeriServ is here to help.  Our professional team will come to your home or business and test your property.  They will be able to tell you your radon levels  and whether or not there is need for Iowa radon mitigation services and air filters.

 Radon Tester Iowa

We are your leading radon tester and radon mitigation Iowa service provider.  Here at AmeriServ we have a few products and techniques to fight radon. We can either use our professional mitigation services or an air purifier system. Our Iowa radon mitigation systems will direct the radon currently in your home outside. We can even install a radon mitigation Iowa system that will run continuously, directing radon outside. Air purifiers are also a very popular and effective solution. Not only do they prevent radon, but they also stop any other harmful toxins from entering the air. When it comes to radon, we are your go to company. With multiple solutions, we’ll be sure to solve your problem and keep your family safe.