Raising Radon Awareness in Iowa

It’s Radon Awareness Week!

radon awareness in IowaOctober 19th and 25th is Radon Awareness Week and it has never been more important. Homeowners everywhere need to be made aware of this very harmful gas, especially in Iowa. Iowa has radon levels well above the national average. It’s our goal to make all homeowners in the state of Iowa aware of the dangers of radon, and also let them know there are tests and solutions for their radon problems.

Did you know that radon affects as many as one in fifteen homes in the United States? (www.radonweek.org) Most people that have elevated levels in their home have absolutely no idea that it is a problem. It is also believed that radon is the second leading cause of cancer in the United States, only being beaten out for number one by smoking. That means that radon can kill you, but it is also something you can prevent easily if you know the facts. That is why Radon Awareness Week is a big deal.

Radon Testing: A Must in Iowa

Radon has no smell, and no immediate symptoms of radon exposure will appear. That is why it is critical to have your Iowa home tested for radon levels. Radon is odorless, colorless, and can enter your home from the soil underneath the foundation. As an expert in radon, Ameriserv can provide you with a radon test of your Iowa home. We are certified professionals that can provide you with testing, but also with a solution. Radon mitigation moves radon up and out of your home safely. Installing a radon mitigation system can keep your family safe. Even in new construction homes in Iowa, radon can be a problem. Don’t wait, get a test, find a solution, play it safe. For more information on Radon Awareness Week or Radon Mitigation, contact the team at Amerserv Radon.