What Are Dangerous Radon Levels

Dangerous Radon Levels in Iowa

Iowa Radon Levels

Radon is a radioactive gas that forms when radium decays and it is also colorless, and odorless.  This gas can be very harmful and even deadly, but sadly it’s most common in the home. Radon can be found anywhere, and by anywhere I mean it is found all over the United States. It’s a natural gas that diffuses through the air harmlessly, and naturally. Radon is the second leading cause to lung cancer following cigarette smoke. This dangerous gas can come through a home from many different spots starting from crawl spaces to sump pumps. It’s said that the best way of controlling radon levels in the home is to have an Iowa radon mitigation unit installed. This unit will remove radon by ventilating it out. The Radon Act 51, which was passed by congress, set the natural outside level of radon gas (0.4pCi/L) as the target level for indoor radon levels. This level is still dangerous, but any level above this would cause a lot more problems and health risks than the lowest level. Radon levels increase as temperatures decrease, so during the winter, radon is most dangerous.  When it gets cold outside, the ground freezes, and there might even be a layer of snow on the ground. When the ground freezes, the radon is trapped in the soil beneath our home, and since the radon won’t be able to escape out of the ground, your house may suck up some of that gas to a higher concentration.

Radon Levels in Iowa Homes

The EPA believes that radon at any level is risky although as stated above, the 0.4 pCi/L, would be considered an acceptable level. Radon gas isn’t picky about its victims. It doesn’t matter about your weight, sex, race, or age. BUT it may be more prominent in the young, and the very old. Same with the weakened immune systems. So be sure to take all the necessary steps to eliminate radon out of your household, for a safe living and healthy living. Iowa is known for having double the radon levels of what is considered acceptable by the EPA. So radon testing and Iowa radon mitigation is more important than ever. For all your Iowa radon levels concerns, call Ameriserv Radon Mitigation Iowa. We perform radon testing, radon mitigation and even install air purifiers.