The Myths About Radon

Fact and Fiction about Radon for Iowa Homeowners

radon into homeAlthough most homeowners know that radon is a serious issue, many people are not sure what to believe about the gas. There are several myths surrounding radon that can cause people to overlook radon issues, and pay little attention to the importance of radon testing and mitigation. It vital that you understand the dangers of radon and how to prevent it from causing health issues for you and your family. Ameriserv is dedicated to protecting you and your family from harmful radon. That is why we have put together a list of myths and the corresponding facts about radon:

  • Myth: Scientists are not sure radon is a real issue.
    Fact: Some scientists argue that the estimated number of deaths due to radon is much lower than commonly expressed. However, major health organizations such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the American Lung Association agree that radon is the cause of thousands of preventable lung cancer deaths each year, especially among smokers.
  • Myth: Radon testing is costly, time consuming, and difficult.
    Radon testing is actually very easy, and can take as little time as two days. Contact the radon testing professionals at Ameriserv to find out more.
  • Myth: Homes with radon cannot be fixed.
    Fact: There are actually several simple, relatively inexpensive solutions to take care of radon levels in your home. Ameriser offers quality mitigation services for homeowners in Iowa.
  • Myth: Radon only affects certain types of homes.
    Fact: Radon can affect any type of home, from old to new, from drafty to well insulated. It is true, however, that some kinds of construction materials and local geology can have an effect on the radon levels in the home.
  • Myth: Radon is only a problem in certain areas of the country.
    Fact: Although radon problems vary from place to place, elevated levels have been found in every state.
  • Myth: The test results of a neighbor are an indicator that your home has a radon problem.
    Fact: Radon levels are different in every home, and the only way to know for sure whether your home has a problem is to have it professionally tested.
  • Myth: Water supplies should always be tested for radon.
    Fact: Radon can contaminate the air in your home through your water supply, but it is much more common for elevated radon levels to be caused by radon in the air alone. Have the air in your home tested first, and if the high radon levels still have no apparent cause, test the water, or contact your water supplier, if your water comes from a public source.
  • Myth: It is difficult to sell homes once radon has been discovered in them.
    Fact: Once the radon problem in the home has been fixed, it is not more difficult than normal to sell the home. In fact, the added preventative and protective systems are often a great selling point.
  • Myth: I’ve already lived in my home so long, it’s not worth it to take action now.
    Fact: Whether or not you have lived with the issue for a long time, taking care of the radon problem in your home will still reduce your risk for lung cancer.
  • Myth: Short-term tests cannot be used to determine whether or not to invest in radon mitigation.
    Fact: A short-term test followed by another short-term tests are often used to decide whether or not your home is in need of mitigation. Contact a professional for more information.

If you live in Iowa, and are in need of answers for the radon problem in your home, contact Ameriserv today. We offer testing and mitigation to remove radon from your home. Contact us today for a quality radon solution.